E-Quadrat and IITU established the Centre for Sustainability & Data-Driven Solutions to support university excellence in Central Asia

23 April 2024

Last week we announced a groundbreaking collaboration between E-Quadrat Science & Education and International IT University (IITU) in Almaty, Kazakhstan, - our joint project: SDDS - Centre for Sustainability & Data-Driven Solutions. This represents a pivotal step forward in reshaping higher education not only in Kazakhstan but across the whole region.

Our partnership with IITU focuses on key areas of collaboration, including cutting-edge consulting services in data modelling and analysis, supporting higher education and science institutions, and advancing sustainable development goals. Together, we're dedicated to fostering innovation, knowledge exchange, and international partnerships.

What sets SDDS apart is its unique dual focus:
Global Engagement:
We're committed to involving the global academic community in addressing critical issues, particularly in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Transforming Almaty into a regional hub for sustainable development is our aim, alongside helping Kazakhstani and Central Asian HEIs implement the SDG agenda into their strategies.
Enhancing Competitiveness:
In today's educational landscape, competitiveness is paramount. Our centre's key task is to develop data modelling and analysis tools to support decision-making, ultimately enhancing the regional and global competitiveness of universities in Kazakhstan, Central Asia, and the Caucasus.
Why is this collaboration so important?
It will introduce new formats and goals for higher education in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, emphasising academic ethics and sustainable development and it will provide an open platform for dialogue and collaboration among experts and stakeholders.

Furthermore, it initiates a profound transformation, influencing not only the education sector but also science and innovation as a whole. By fostering research in higher education and science, it seeks to address local challenges and critical socio-economic and environmental issues, while adopting global best practices.

SDDS is not just a project; it's a catalyst for positive change, shaping the future of education and sustainability in Kazakhstan and beyond.