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In today's world the progress of education, science, technology and innovation is becoming the key driving force behind labour productivity, sustainable social and economic development, and improving quality of life. With the ever-increasing dynamics of change, leaders of educational institutions and relevant agencies face the need to find effective solutions to challenging and diverse tasks, and show operational and strategic planning skills.
Regardless of the task, whether it is building a university development strategy or an ambitious growth plan for the entire higher education sector in a country or a region, our focus is to pool efforts to achieve a desirable and substantial result together. For this purpose, we are ready to offer a broad range of analytics, from an independent audit identifying the problems and their causes to searching for a solution in line with the best global practices. Another important area of our work is creating systems to monitor complex projects, enabling a quick update on their progress, whenever required.
All our solutions are based on facts and empirical data, all of which are derived from our analytics and thoroughly reasoned.
We use the following methods:
In-depth interview
In-person and online surveys
Content analysis
Focus groups and other efficient methods of social and marketing research
Scientometric analysis
Financial and economic analysis
Data science analysis
Foresight studies etc.
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