E-Quadrat CEO Egor Yablokov chaired an expert panel on data-driven decision making in science and education at the EdCrunch conference in Kazakhstan

25 November 2022

Egor Yablokov
Egor Yablokov, E-Quadrat’s CEO, organised and chaired an expert panel entitled ‘Transforming Higher Education and Science: How State and Institutions Use Data to Gain Leadership’ at EdCrunch 2022, one of the most important conferences on science and higher education in the post-Soviet area. The conference took place on 23-24 November in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Digital transformation of universities and entire education systems implies data-driven decision-making at all levels – from educational institutions to ministries and departments. National as well as individual institutional strategies should be grounded on evidence-based approaches and data analytics. What is the role of open data in reforming higher education and science?
What is the role of external data in, for example, international university rankings, or in designing national strategies? How can data become a game-changer in the development strategies of universities, ministries, and departments? What kind of data can and should universities share with society? All these issues were discussed at the panel. Participants examined case studies of strategy development at all three levels: national, institutional, and local.

To learn more about the panel and watch its recording, visit the conference website.