E-Quadrat experts share their winning formula for universities in 2023

5 December 2022

Egor Yablokov
Alexandra Borissova Saleh
Communication and Engagement Expert, PhD
Vsevolod Bylevsky
Lead Analyst, PhD
Senior Researcher, PhD
Roman Trikin
E-Quadrat Science + Education team wishes their partners and friends a happy and fruitful New Year. And as a small gift, we asked our experts to share their opinions on what the year 2022 taught us to be successful in 2023.

“Universities, as well as other scientific institutions, cannot be detached from the social and political context of their countries, and they have to be aware of it. Ivory tower is not as impermeable as academia sometimes wants it to be”, states E-Quadrat’s CEO Egor Yablokov.

“Throughout the centuries of their history, this year the university have been able to see that their natural conservatism must be flexible and create change, otherwise it will come from outside; and probably in an undesired way. That the best defense is an attack, and that the future of the academic environment can be defended only through proactive and prospective preparations for possible crises. Also those that are systemic, global, and affect the entire academic community”, says Dr Vsevolod Bylevsky, philologist and social scientist.
“Science and higher education are not merely service providers or knowledge databases. They are the intellectual vanguards of society, and also important institutions of democracy. Academic freedom should be seen not only as a benefit, but also as a responsibility to arm the society with independent expertise and evidence-based solutions. Raising their voice is the only way universities can reassure both their own future and the future of their countries”, Dr Alexandra Borissova, a chemist and a science communication expert thinks.

“Only quality, real quality matter in science and education. The more difficult the moment is, the stronger we feel it”, concludes Dr Roman Trikin, molecular biologist and data expert.