E-Quadrat’s poster becomes the best poster at NAFSA 2023

7 June 2023

We are proud to announce that the poster presented by Olga Krylova and Dyane Koreman at NAFSA this year has been selected as the best poster in the "Advocacy in International Education" theme.

E-Quadrat's expert, Olga Krylova, along with Dyane Koreman, our colleague from Fontys University (Netherlands), successfully led a poster presentation on the role of external stakeholders for universities in transition economies by drawing comparisons between developed and transition economies.
Universities play a vital role in establishing partnerships between diverse and emerging institutions and interest groups, enabling transition economies to thrive despite challenging environments.

Through our research, we aim to explore effective strategies for creating world-class universities in countries with transition economies and address questions such as the significance of stakeholder relations for university development, their connection to the structure of the national economy, and the role universities in transition economies can play in integrating these elements.
NAFSA poster session: Universities and External Stakeholders
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