E-Quadrat becomes an Open Data Institute (ODI) Member

7 June 2023

E-Quadrat Science & Education has recently become a member of the Open Data Institute (ODI). This collaboration signifies E-Quadrat's commitment to promoting an open data policy and ensuring its availability to key stakeholders in higher education and science institutions.

As a company that specializes in providing high-quality support and advice to educational, science, and business leaders worldwide, E-Quadrat's work heavily relies on processing large volumes of data and helps its partners around the world to optimize the processes of collecting, processing, and analyzing data for decision making purposes. We are also eager to share our knowledge and expertise in data management within the higher education, science, and innovation sectors with the global professional community.
By joining the Open Data Institute, E-Quadrat strengthens its commitment to advocating for an open data policy that benefits the higher education and scientific communities. The partnership with ODI opens up endless opportunities for us and gives our team access to a network of like-minded organizations and experts, with whom we hope to collaborate on projects, exchange insights, and contribute to the advancement of open data initiatives together.