Stakeholders in transition economies —

call for interviews

10 August 2023

A university is a source of many things for the communities around it. Employment and revitalisation for a city. Employees and partnerships for businesses. Expertise and innovation for a national government. In a world where institutions are in a state of constant change, how can universities make the most of the communities around them: governments, business and industry, civil society, and the broader environment? How can these actors make the most of their relationships with universities?

Together with a team of international experts, higher education institutions, and government entities, E-Quadrat is conducting an extensive, long-term study on how universities have been transforming over the last 35 years in various national higher education systems. As universities respond to the demands of their times and their stakeholders, we are studying pioneering practices of institutions to develop competitiveness, foster stakeholder engagement, and participate in initiatives for academic excellence.

As part of our research, we are conducting in-depth interviews with representatives from universities, businesses, government agencies, national institutions, and leading experts in the field of science and higher education in what has been called ‘transition economies’ – societies that are moving from central planning to more open market systems. These interviews will provide valuable insights into stakeholder relations, development strategies, and best practices for improvement and reform.

With several months of research under our belt, we are now inviting experts to participate in our research project – to share their knowledge, experiences, and perspectives on stakeholder relations and the transformation of higher education. Your valuable insights will contribute to a comprehensive understanding of best practices and effective strategies.
In addition:
  • Participants will receive specific and targeted results that can help improve their stakeholder relations based on evidence
  • Experts will have the chance to collaborate with international peers, share their expertise, and contribute to joint research projects
  • Participants can gain insight into the optimisation of national and institutional strategies for higher education and science, as well as develop strategies for more effective stakeholder and public relations
  • The results of our research will be used to shape policies, strategies, and practices in higher education and stakeholder engagement, allowing participants to directly impact the future development of partnerships between diverse and emerging institutions and interest groups to thrive in new environments.

Join us in shaping the future of higher education by participating in this exciting research opportunity.

To express your interest and learn more about our work, or to join us as a partner through interviews and joint research, fill in the form:

We look forward to your valuable contribution!